Monday, April 11, 2011

A great snack for anyone, any time:)

Babybee loves food, as long as they aren't too saucy. Forget ketchup, mayo and the likes. If these things touch her food, she refuses to eat! Imagine my surprise when she tried dill pickle dip and loved it:) Today, as she was begging me for a snack (the 3rd in 3 hours, lol), I got an idea. I asked if she would like a snack of fruit, to which she replied (with no doubts of course) YES!!!! pleas mama. When asked if strawberries would be okay she began saying Mmmmmm over and over... okay no problem there! I asked if she would like some fruit dip, and to my surprise she said yes. I thought, I had better make this GREAT or she'll never try dip again!! I mixed Vanilla Greek style yogurt (Krema is my fave brand) with some chunky apricot jam (Smuckers won this time, as it was on sale). She LOVED it. I don't think I've seen a bowl of fruit go that fast, ever! I'll be making this a lot during the summer months when fruit is in season here.


  1. "Babybee loves food, as long as they aren't too saucy."...

    unless you send her to Aunty's house with peas in her lunch... then she'll suck all the sauce off and throw the peas around :D

    That yogurt is good enough without anything added... in fact, I think it might distract from just how good it is... But now I can't wait for summer so I can use it on my fruit!!!

  2. It's really good with granola and fantastic with spice cake:P

  3. no... caramel is fantastic with spice cake, yogurt could not come close!